Long sitting hours in International Call Centers Good or Bad

Published: 05th September 2011
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'Heath is wealth.' This is one of the most common statements that we have been hearing since ages. Today, people at a tender age are suffering from health complications that are common in the corporate establishments, especially the international call centers with long sitting hours. Science revealed that people who keep themselves engaged to the hectic schedule is prone to health hazards as compared to people who engage in physical activities. Body movement is an important point to consider for individuals who spend most of their time sitting in an office that handles call center operation. The life-span of call center employees has become monotonous and their schedules in odd timings have extended the problem to a remarkable level. Therefore, it has become very essential in the part of the call center establishments to impart some necessary health tips that help the calling agents to keep themselves fit and mentally cautious round the clock.

A new research shows that body movement tends to keep the body well-structured and establishes a balance in the entire metabolism phenomenon. The flow of blood, a good respiration and nervous mechanism is possible only when the body is treated with mobility through different physical activities in specific time. An excessive stress on long sitting hours can obstruct the blood flow into the vital organs and could lead to some of the serious fatal symptoms like blood clotting, high BP, hike in cholesterol levels, etc.

Whether it is any call center or any other professional environment, an individual also need to take care of the work- station, provided in an inbound call center. Your health can also be affected through some the regular activities that remain unnoticed.

For example: A chair should have an adjustable back so that the spine (especially the lumbar region) remains in natural position. A stable seat with the option of adjustable height is also recommended for a better body posture. Also make sure that the no extra pressure on underside of thighs and knee back is experienced. Some people prefer to us a foot support if they need a better grip under the table. The sitting posture should be made comfortable as per your requirement and make sure that the arms are bend at 90% and the elbows close to the upper body. The mouse should be in a nearby position to your hands. Keep your wrists flexible and try to relax them within regular intervals so that the tissues and ligaments work better. The monitor should be placed parallel to your face with the screen-top matching the eye level. A small break of two minutes after every half hour is an amazing tip to keep you relaxed. These tips can reduce stress to a great extent and if practices regularly you will notice your body in a comfortable position.

The call center services need utmost dedication. That is why the employees in any inbound call centers remain close to the workstation for long schedule without caring much about their physical state of the body. It is always better to take care of your health and stay away from the stress created as a result of long sitting hours. Work can always be fun and exciting if recreational activities (sports/games) are included in the monotonous schedule of contact center. Taking frequent breaks and keeping yourself hydrated can also reduce the factors that cause health threat in the outbound call centers. The higher mortality rate in the call center industry can be well controlled only when the basic factors responsible for the health hazards are entirely eliminated. It is easy, we just need to give some extra time for our health.

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